Training Services

Surety Investigations, Bail Enforcement, Bounty Hunting, Fugitive Enforcement, Fugitive Investigations and many other names are being used to describe one of the fastest growing, very lucrative private industries in America. Every day, people just like yourself are learning about and tapping into this field. Throughout history Bounty Hunters have been responsible for locating and re-incarcerating most of the country’s criminal population.

Ranging from petit crimes to some of America’s most hardened criminals, Bounty Hunters have seen it all. Bounty Hunters come in many shapes, sizes, races and ethnicity’s. Ex-Police Officers, Firefighters, Paramedics, Attorney’s, Stock Brokers, Security Officers, Stock Boys, etc., The list can go on-and-on. People from all backgrounds, education levels and professions have started a rewarding career in this field. Become part of this demanding opportunity and get your piece of the pie!

Remember, as long as mankind shall exist, so shall criminals.

Every part of our training is conducted by an active professional with years of experience to protect his theory. We have designed this training to give our students the upper-hand in this industry. Our goal is to produce professional agents who will help to maintain our professional image as a learning source. Our students will have the necessary knowledge to start and complete an apprehension with virtually no liability to the bondsman.

Exonerating the bondsman is your goal, showing you how is ours.

Some Training Photos

What an honor to be endoresed by one of “America’s Favorite People”! He may not need an introduction but, for those who don’t know; Leland Chapman is the son of Duane “The Dog” Chapman. You’ve seen him in the Bounty Hunting Show: “Dog The Bounty Hunter” and the Documentary: “Dog and Beth: On the Hunt”.

Leland Chapman has been in the business for many years. He is a successfuly Bounty Hunter, Bail Bondsman and Business Man. We look forward to a continued professional relationship and friendship with our Colleague; Leland Chapman!

“After working with the Agents of A+, I have seen first-hand how extremely professional, knowledgeable and efficient these guys are. Some people are just meant to do certain things and A+ Agents are without a doubt, meant to be Bounty Hunters. When being trained by the Agents of A+, I can confidently say their students will receive a top-notch experience that can be used to become a successful Bounty Hunter. I am proud to endorse the A+ Investigations & Protection A.K.A. TrackDown Services Team.”

Leland Chapman