Bail Enforcement Professionals, Serving the Bail Industry Since 1997.



                        YOU CAN’T HIDE”

Welcome to a division of A+ Investigations and Protection, LLC. We are Investigations and Recovery professionals catering to the Bail Bond Industry as well as legal and private entities. Our investigators possess extensive knowledge and real-life experience which affords us the ability to effectively provide fast, safe and virtually flawless results.

Since 1997 we have provided our clients with a merit-worthy success rate. No case is too big, or small. While others sit behind a desk, we hit the streets and aggressively generate results. Our Agents and Investigators are level-headed, well-rounded individuals with backgrounds in law enforcement, military, security and investigations. We understand that every client will approach our team with a unique and challenging project, and we have the ability to carefully assess your case and determine a plan of action specifically tailored to your needs.

Our reputation speaks for itself…

A+ and its Agents are fully trained, licensed and insured. We will never assign an agent whom isn’t fully equipped to handle your case and provide the best results possible. Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance, and the stepping stone of our future. We triple check our work so you can be assured you’re receiving the best results, not just good results.




We provide Fugitive Recovery (Bail Enforcement, Bounty Hunter) services to clients in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware and Pennsylvania. Our Agents are well-trained, experienced professionals. We also provide Fugitive Recovery (Bail Enforcement, Bounty Hunter) training classes and certification. Our Instructors will be sharing extensive knowledge attained over years of working as active, productive Fugitive Recovery (Bail Enforcement, Bounty Hunter) Agents.

Our Fugitive Recovery (Bail Enforcement, Bounty Hunter) Agents are always training and prepared for anything.

We stay up-to-date with defensive tactics:
Firearms, Handcuffing – PATH, Pepper Spray – OCAT, Expandable Baton – ASP & Monadnock, and Hand-to-Hand Combat.

We stay up-to-date with State Laws and Criminal Procedures:
New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware and Pennsylvania.

We stay up-to-date with the latest intelligence techniques:
Skip-Tracing, Database Research, Surveillance, Soft Interrogation, Information Analysis and Cross Platform Data Comparison.

We constantly strive to be the best by being:
Professional and Courteous, Business-Minded, Subject Knowledgeable, and pursuers of client satisfaction.

All of this knowledge, training, and experience combine to create a first-class team that can effectively and safely accomplish any task at hand.