The Instructors

Our instructors who you will meet at the Bounty Hunter Seminar are all Active Agents
with many years of experience and hundreds of apprehensions throughout the United States.

** Outside Instructors will be involved for certain topics **

After finishing High School, I immediately started a path in protective services. While enlisted part-time as a Army New York Guard Military Police Officer, My full-time job was with the City of New York Parks Department Enforcement Division (Parks Police). As the years went by, I took as much training as I could find, and excelled in the area of protective services. My last job in the private sector was with a public safety company in which I was the Captain and Operations Manager. I managed and trained over 150 Officers while supervising the ranks of two lieutenants and six sergeants. My last job in the public sector was a Correctional Officer. Since 2002 I have been actively involved with hundreds of successful Fugitive Recovery Apprehensions.

Currently, I am a Senior Manager for a Nationwide Bail Bond Company and Fugitive Recovery Agent. I hold the following Certifications and/or licenses;
- New York State Licensed Security Instructor
- New York State Fire Guard Fire Safety Instructor
- Pennsylvania Casualty Insurance Producer
- Pennsylvania Firearms Use and Safety for Law Enforcement
- Crisis Intervention Specialist for Law Enforcement
- PA Act 235
- Medical Emergency Service Officer
- Approved Instructor - National Bail and Security Alliance
- Building Entry & Room Clearing for Law Enforcement
- Emergency Response to Terrorism - Federal Emergency Management
- Search & Rescue
- Infectious Control of Biological Agents for Law Enforcement
- CPR & First Aid Plus
- Certified PATH (Practical and Tactical Handcuffing) Instructor
- Certified OCAT (Oleoresin Capsicum "Pepper Spray") Instructor
- Municipal Police Certification
- Advanced Firearms Training 100% Proficient
- Expandable Baton / Monadnock Certified
- Loss Prevention Certification
- Emergency Vehicle Operation Certification
- Street Gangs Intelligence Certification
- Pennsylvania Correctional Officer Training


Mr. Centeno has been in the Bail Enforcement and Investigation business since 1997. Currently a Private Investigator (Detective) in the state of New York and former Private Detective in Pennsylvania, also, a licensed Delaware, Connecticut, New Jersy  Bail Enforcement Agent and a Pennsylvania Surety Bail Bondsman. During my career as an Investigator I have located and/or apprehended over 1,500 Fugitives throughout the United States including Puerto Rico.

I'm a former Correctional Officer, Pennsylvania State Constable and Former New York City Auxiliary Police Officer and hold the following Certifications and/or licenses:

  • -Pennsylvania Act 44 Certified
  • -Advanced Firearms Training
  • -Pennsylvania Act 235 Certified
  • -Handcuffing Certified Instructor (PATH)
  • -O/C Pepper Spray Certified Instructor (OCAT)
  • -Expandable Baton/ASP Certified
  • -Bail Enforcement Certification
    -Approved Instructor - National Bail and Security Alliance
  • -Municipal Police Certification
  • -Loss Prevention Certification
  • -New York Security Guard Licensed
  • -Fireguard Fitness Examination Certification
  • -First Aid & CPR Certification
  • -Law Enforcement Level Defensive Driving
  • -Emergency Response to Terrorism
  • -Security Supervision Certification
  • -Aspects of Physical Protection
  • -Pennsylvania Concealed Carry License
  • -New Hampshire Concealed Carry License
  • -New York Private Investigator License
  • -Former Pennsylvania Private Detective
  • -Criminal Street Gangs Overview Certification
  • -PA Correctional Officer Training
  • -Delaware Bail Enforcement licensed Agent
  • -Pennsylvania Casualty Insurance Producer
  • -New Jersey Bounty Hunter License
  • -CT Bail Enforcement Agent License


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